Does your stomach often feel uncomfortable, bloated or so painful that you can't do things?

Do you worry a lot about how your stomach will be on a given day - how you will manage without pain or worse...embarrassment?

You've already tried a lot of things, but nothing lasts and you're not sure what else is left?

You're fed up that your condition gets in the way of your life as much as it does

Most people don't really understand what you're going through and some of them think it's all in your head or not really as bad as you claim

Clinical Nutrition for Digestive Health


Take back control of your digestive health 

If your stomach often feels uncomfortable, or bloated or you have other unexplained digestive issues, you are not alone.  I work with people with stomach problems who tell me how it feels and how the worry of it it can affect their daily lives and their mood. You are looking for some immediate relief but also some lasting results. This does not have to be your ‘normal’.

My name is Rachel Hampson and I am a registered Nutritionist with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition and a background in Medical Sciences. My clients come to me when they have already tried a lot of things and either the results don’t last or they’re not sure what else is left to try. I specialise in functional gut disorders including IBS and SIBO, with special interests in the gut microbiome and immunology.

Understand what’s really going on in your stomach so that you can get some relief and live a ‘normal’ life

Everyone’s experience is quite unique so we will start by understanding what is really going on in your stomach through discussion of your symptoms and through testing. Then I will guide you through a step by step phased approach that will be specific for your problem. I will support you as much and for as long as you need and I will keep your GP or other medical specialists informed as necessary to help get the best results for you.

Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT, CNHC  MA (Cantab) Medicine, MSc Personalised Nutrition




Book a call with me to find out how my approach could help you live a 'normal' life

In this call we will discuss your symptoms and brief health history and I will explain how I would approach working with you. You can decide whether I am the right person to work with you.

Rachel is a knowledgeable and thoroughly detailed practitioner, and I am delighted to have been able to work through some health issues with her. Rachel is very warm and approachable, making me feel at ease using video calling for our appointments. As a peer also working in nutrition, I found it so helpful to talk through the physiology of my concerns – as Rachel was able to apply it specifically to me, help me to realise what was going on, and find personalised ways to adjust my lifestyle and nutrition.

Rachel has helped me re-think and completely change my dietary choices, transforming the way I feel both physically and mentally. She clearly understood my needs and goals from our first consultation and provided me with insightful guidance throughout, helping to tailor her suggestions around my busy work schedule and ensuring I had the support required. Working with Rachel has been a pleasure for me and I am incredibly grateful for her help. I have formed healthy habits for life!

I was keen to lose weight and had also occasionally experienced mild heart burn, a bit of bloating and a noisy, gurgling tummy.  Rachel recommended a test that would assess my tolerance to different foods.  The test showed me that my body was intolerant of quite a few things! The impact of eliminating these things was fantastic – I stopped feeling any heartburn, my guts settled down, I started sleeping so much better and, over a few weeks, I lost the bloated feeling and slimmed down.  I lost over a stone and have kept the weight off.

Services that I provide

Nutrition Clinics

Consultations in person with ongoing support also provided remotely.

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Functional and Genetic testing

Access and support is provided for a range of functional and genetic testing.

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Corporate Wellness services

Healthy eating seminars and on-site nutrition clinics as part of your employee welfare scheme.

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